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Product Descriptions The Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 Canister Vacuum has given pet owners the perfect tools for their specific needs. However, don’t let this name steer you- this vacuum is ideal for mixed flooring homes: all pile carpeting and all hard flooring. This model comes with 2 flooring attachments: an electric powerhead for all pile carpeting, and a hard flooring attachment for all hard flooring. This model also comes with Miele’s best selling upholstery tool. The Cat and Dog boasts a AA 50 Charcoal Filter, which removes air pollutants as well as undesirable odors from your home environment. 3 Cleaning Attachments, your Dusting Brush, Crevice Nozzle, and Upholstery Tool are all stored inside the body of your canister. Your tools are never lost and always within reach. The Cat and Dog has 6 stage levels, automatic height adjustments and a suction/bag indicator so you always know when to change your bag. The Cat and Dog comes with (1) Charcoal Filter, (1) Motor Filter, and (1) GN Vacuum Bag pre installed in the machine, along with your other cleaning accessories and attachments. This model has a 1 Year All Inclusive, and a 7 Year Motor and Casing Warranty. Parts and Labor are included on both aspects of these warranties.

Vortex Motor- The Miele Cat and Dog C3 vacuum cleaner features the Vortex 1200W motor. Backed by Miele’s 7 year warranty and at the top of the class in suction this motor is pure quality. The Vortex motor also operates at an extremely low decimal level providing users with the best experience available.


Retractable Cord- Miele has solved the tangled cord problem by giving users a reliable way to store the cord. At the the touch of a large pedal the cord retracts saving users time and increasing convenience.


1k hours test- To ensure that all components of the Complete C3 Cat Dog vacuum hold up for the average residential use over 20 years, Miele runs its vacuums through a 1,000 hours of testing. They make sure the machine runs smoothly the whole time while never loosing performance capabilities.


Daily Stress Test- Miele C3 canister vacuums are put through the most stressful of simulated daily activity. Doorway jams, wall bumping, twisting and turning are just a few of the tests. Any real life stress your vacuum could possibly face it has already seen it in the developmental stage. This ensures the vacuums leaving production are ready for the real world.


Hose Test- The Miele Cat and Dog Complete vacuum cleaner uses a hose that has been tested and tested thousands of time. Stretched and dangle, these hoses are put through the test to ensure function and durability.